European Spirometry Driving Licence
Year 2020

Thanks to the success of the previous editions carried out by SIP / IRS, it proposes for the year 2020 the course for the achievement of the ERS Spirometry Driving License. According to international guidelines, the diagnosis of the most important and widespread respiratory diseases, from Asthma to COPD, cannot be ignored by performing the spirometry examination. It is believed that the optimal management of asthma and COPD is currently hampered by the underestimation of diagnosis and the inconsistent application in guidelines of daily clinical practice.

ERS (European Respiratory Society) and SIP / IRS (Italian Respiratory Society) as part of the HERMES project (Harmonise Education in Respiratory Medicine for European Specialists) and to issue a certification through an institution of excellence, has created a format to decline on a national basis with two levels of specialization, at the end of which the ESDL license is obtained, the objective of which is to optimize and spread the correct use of the spirometry examination and define a high quality standard for the execution of this diagnostic examination.

The teachers are all qualified national and international opinion leaders who have obtained a certification at ERS level to be able to perform this role. The project will be held as a rule in two modules. The first module will have a predominantly theoretical character while the second will have a purely practical character, interspersed with moments of individual study and exercises. The final achievement of the license will take place through a final, collegial examination of the faculty of the course.